Mead-O-Rama Unit 3

1 Acre Lots Near Border of Lake Mead National Recreational Area

The Lake Mead National Recreational Area, which is managed by the National Parks Service governs this area which covers about 200,000 acres, runs from  the westernmost boundary of Grand Canyon National Park  to just north of the cities of  Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona. It includes all of Lake Mead as well as Lake Mohave on the Colorado River.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area offers water activities including boating, swimming, and fishing, on both lakes as well as the Colorado river between the lakes. It also features hiking trails and views of the surrounding desert landscape.
Lakes Mead and Lake Mohave offer some of the country’s best sport fishing. The following species are found in both lakes:

  • Large mouth Bass
  • Crappie
  • Striped Bass
  • Catfish (channel)
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Bluegill

Lake Mead National Recreation Area offers a wealth of things to do and places to go year-round. Its huge lakes cater to boaters, swimmers, sunbathers, and fishermen while its desert rewards hikers, miners, off road vehicle enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and roadside sightseers. Three of America’s four desert ecosystems – the Mojave, the Great Basin, and the Sonora Deserts – meet in Lake Mead.

As a result, this seemingly barren area contains a surprising variety of plants and animals, some of which may be found nowhere else in the world.

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